Boiler Servicing & Repairs

Annual Boiler Service in Glasgow

An annual boiler service will keep your boiler running efficiently and safely. This also reduces the risk of breakdown, which in turn saves you money (ensuring that your boiler runs efficiently does too).

If you have had a gas boiler recently installed you will need an annual service to validate the following years warranty.

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What is an Annual Boiler Service?

In its most basic description, an annual boiler service is to ensure that your boiler is running at its best capacity, is safe for use and that the pressure and output are as it should be.

Some of the boiler safety checks are:

  • Inspection of Boiler Flue
  • Gas Tightness Test
  • Exposed Pipework Inspection
  • Adjustments Where Required
  • Ventilation Assessment
  • Safety Device Inspection & Test
  • Boiler Efficiency Output
  • Clean Condensate trap
  • Clean Magnetic filter
  • And much more…


If any component of your central heating system has broken down we can arrange a visit to inspect the fault.

If the problem can be fixed that day then our engineer will carry out the repair. If we can’t repair it that day we will price the parts and arrange to fit them as soon as possible after they arrive.